Friday, February 18, 2011

Episode #2: Keepin it Real

Today's guests; Harley Gold, Penmor Mortgage Capital Corporation; Greta Tachdjian, Unique Stagers; Michelle Risi, V.P. Business and Project Development
Royal LePage Your Community Realty

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The Sales-Gods at work

     A colleague once told me he believed in the Sales-Gods.  "In the game of selling, the Sales-Gods were always at work" he would say.  Funny as it sounds, I think he was right. Let me explain.
      Let's say you're hard at work farming territory 'A.'  Suddenly, an opportunity bubbles up in area 'B.'  Ever wonder why this happens? It's the Sales-Gods, rewarding you for your work. 
     I have a friend who's an ardent believer in The Law of Attraction, an idea made extra popular in a famous book called The Secret. While I do believe in the Law of Attraction, I think some people have big misconceptions about it. The same friend once told me I'd be able to make a parking spot appear just by imagining it. Better to imagine winning the lottery I think...
     Recently I've been putting the Law of Attraction to work by telling realtors I've been working on mostly larger mortgages transaction. "It takes the same amount of effort to close a big one as it does a to close a small one" I tell them. And of course the benefits, which are the same for the realtor as they are for me are obvious - bigger payoff!    
One further benefit of working on larger transactions; our lenders assign more experienced people to work on them, so in many ways, getting an approval is even easier!  
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Carrying the Ball

There are different reasons why people drop the ball. Sometimes the ball is hard to carry. That's no excuse though, because if you agree to carry it, you must take responsibility for it.
     If you can't carry it, pass it to someone who can and introduce the original handler to the new carrier. 
     The other day a realtor called me because a mortgage broker dropped the ball on her buyer. I know what it's like to have the ball dropped on you. Last week someone dropped the ball on me and it cost me $4,000. 
     Fortunately, someone else passed me a new ball earlier in the week, so I might come out Even-Steven.
     I could probably carry one more ball, in case you are looking for someone reliable to pass a ball to.
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Are you are worried that the residential real estate market is going to dry up because the Department of Finance wants to further tighten mortgage lending? Don't worry. You can always sell investment properties! 
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Guests include Harley Gold from PENMOR MORTGAGE CAPITAL CORPORATION and Greta Tachdjian from UNIQUE DESIGNS.
     Learn how to make more money selling investment properties and how to stage a home for a quick sale.