Thursday, September 23, 2010

Consolidating 3 mortgages into 1

This applicant 1st came to me two years ago to arrange a 3rd mortgage on their property in order to pay off some debts. They ended up paying a high rate - 13% - on the 3rd because their credit was badly bruised. With some credit coaching, now, 2 yrs later, I was able to arrange a single mortgage to consolidate all 3 mortgages at a low of 4%.

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The Mortgage Mensch trailer

I recently connected with a very talented, young film student named Lior Khananaev who created a video commercial for me posted above on Youtube.

I'm sharing it with you not only because the video does a great job communicating what I do, but also because Lior is now doing video production professionally, and I would like help him out. I also think he is a valuable contact for those of you who would like to use video to promote your own businesses. And since Lior is just starting out, he's not as pricey as some of the more established producers, though he is exceptionally talented.

You can reach Lior by phone @ 416 912 9673 or email at

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