Sunday, December 7, 2008

Investment Tip: You Can Buy a 5 unit apartment building w/as little as 15% down

With stock markets down, investors are looking for solutions to make up for steep losses.

Here’s a tip for people open to looking at a real estate investment as a way repair their badly bruised stock portfolios.

With a 5 + unit rental property, you can reduce your investment risk in comparison to a 1 or 2 unit rental property... in the event that you have a vacancy, you can count on the other tenants to ensure you have a steady income stream.

Real estate is a great investment.

With real estate, at least you can see your investment, so you know it’s not going to disappear on you (as long as you pay the mortgage that is !...)

Did you know that CMHC will insure a 5 + unit residential property with just 15% down, or up to 4 units with 5% down?

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