Friday, July 11, 2008

Canadian Government Throws Wet Blanket on Mortgage Market

On Wednesday this week the Department of Finance announced that some of the mortgage products created in the last two years including 40 year amortizations and zero down mortgages would be eliminated effective October 15, 2008. They also announced they would change some of the documentation requirements (I anticipate more strict requirements for self employed/no income qualifer mortgages) and institute a minimum beacon score requirement of 620 (they say would consider lower scores on an exception basis.

For more details on the changes check out my video below..

Tips on dealing with the changes:
If you're in the market and you want to purchase using one of the existing programs, make sure you get your mortgage application in by October 15th. If you were planning to buy a home and you think these changes will impact your ability to follow through with your plans, talk to your financial planner about the Home Buyers Plan which allows you to take funds out of an RRSP tax free after just 90 days as long as its for down payment purposes. Use your savings or look into getting an RRSP loan to get money into the RRSP. If your self employed, get your taxes filed so you can show your current with your taxes and if your credit score is on the low side, eliminate unnecessary loan inquiries and try and reduce your credit card balances. You can check your credit score by going to There's no impact on your credit score when you check it yourself.