Thursday, July 19, 2012

Are you looking for a unique & effective way to market your services?

Do you have the gift of gab?

Start your own interactive, internet based real-estate TV show!

We will produce a live broadcast on
 for you for just *$150 per half hour show. You can pay as you go, or you
 can contract for up to 10 shows to be used anytime between now and
December 31st 2012, if you want to lock in at this price.

*Limited time offer for real estate professionals. Offer expires September 31st 2012

We provide:
• Live camera switching using 3 high quality HD video  cameras
• Professional LED lighting
• Professional set
• Wireless lav microphones for you and your guests
Also provided at no extra charge:
• Integration of your photos (jpegs) into your live production
• Titles - names and contact info for you and your guests ie website,
phone number etc. to be displayed onscreen during your show

Graphics for the intro and bumpers (bumpers are used when coming in and
out of commercials):

We will provide, at no extra charge, a simple graphic with your name and
 the name of your show; for example - The Real Deal with host and real
estate broker Mark Cadesky - or, for a $200 onetime charge, we can
provide a more elaborate graphic to include music and moving images like
 the one shown at the beginning of this show:

Sharing/Archiving of Videos

We will upload your show to Youtube or Vimeo within 2-business days
following the broadcast where it will remain indefinitely, and send you
the link you can use to share the video with your online community using
 email, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter etc. The video can also be easily
embedded in your blog or website. We will embed the video on our website
 - - and share
 on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. In other words, people who miss
the initial broadcast can watch it anytime afterwards, and you will
continue to enjoy the benefits of the exposure for years to come.  

Editing (optional):

Usually editing is not required because we are able to integrate all the
 required show components into the original recording/broadcast ie intro
 graphic, photos, camera switching, titles and bumpers; however, if
editing is required the cost is $35 per edit.

Show Content:

You will be responsible for the content in your show and for bringing
your own guests/interview subjects, or you can do the show on your own.
Examples of guests on a real estate show are mortgage specialists, real
estate lawyers and home inspectors, but why stop there? Why not bring in
 representative from your favorite charity or perhaps a local
politician. Be creative.  You could also do a show on your own without
any guests; for example - Johnny Sample's Real Estate Picks of the Week -
 where you talk and we role photos of your favorite listings.


Each 30-minute show/production needs to allow time for 4 minutes of
commercial time.  Half the available commercial time (2 minutes) will be
 reserved for and its advertisers. You can use the other
half of the time (2 minutes) however you like. We also offer boutique
production and can produce a television commercial for you to air on
your show, for an additional fee (optional).

Viewers: is a growing network - we currently produce approximately
20 different talk shows and the founder, David Grossman, personally has a
 following of nearly 5,000 people on Facebook - however, for best
results, we recommend you develop and manage your own online marketing
system to grow your audience.

Our production platform - we use industry standard platforms like
Livestream, Youtube and Vimeo - makes it easy to share and distribute
video online. You can even embed the live broadcast onto your website,
without any programming!

If your guests have an online following they might also want to share
the show with their community which will give you additional reach and
exposure for your show and your services!

Interact with Viewers in Real Time:

Viewers can chat with you online during your show via Livestream chat,
twitter and Facebook in real time. Please bring your own laptop to the

Choose Between Two Different Set Designs:

We currently offer two different set options.  Set #1 has a desk for the
 host and single tub chair for the guest, giving your show a Jay
Leno/David Letterman feel to it.  Click here to see a sample show
produced using set #1:
 Set #2 utilizes two tub chairs for you and your guest (more like
Ellen), putting you and your guests on a more level playing field. Click
 here to view a sample show produced on set #2:

Optional services available at an extra charge (inquire):
• Extended show length (up to 1-hour)
• Interview remote guests via skype
• On site shows at a location of your choice

Don't delay starting your show, take advantage of our limited time
offer. Call David Grossman now @ 416 876 2031 and book your studio time.

Give yourself the marketing edge 
you deserve!

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