Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mortgage Broker Gets You More Money

After applying for a mortgage at their bank, a couple were told they would need a 35% down payment to qualify. Since this was more money than they could manage, their real estate agent referred them to me for a second opinion.

Having recently been transferred to Canada from another country, the couple were now living and working in Canada on Work Visa's.

After researching the mortgage options available, I was able to arrange; now get this - AT THE SAME BANK they were told they would need 35% down - a mortgage with just 5% down!

Isn't it weird that when you go to the bank you're told one thing, but when a mortgage broker applies to the same bank, you get a completely different response?

It might have to do with lack of training of bank staff, or perhaps the bank offers different products to mortgage brokers than they do to their own sales staff...

One thing is for pays to talk to a mortgage broker. Mortgage brokers can access mortgage products from dozens of lenders, and a good mortgage broker will to make sure you get the right mortgage product, for your needs.

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