Friday, November 26, 2010

Mortgage "Outside the Box"

Have you been working mainly in the domain of residential real estate but would like to expand your business?

Store and Apartment Financing @ 4.99%
Does your client need a storefront or office space to run their business? Why not consider a multi-unit investment, with a storefront or office space for the business, plus one or more apartments.
Financing on a store and apartment with 25% down is available at rates as low as 4.99% , with no proof of income required.

Multi-unit Residential Financing @ 3.25%
Looking for a good investment alternative to the stock market. Look no further than real-estate! You're probably aware that CMHC recently increased the minimum down payment requirement on a 1-4 unit residential property to 20%, but, the minimum down payment on a 5+ residential unit is still just 15%! And how attractive are mortgage rates on a CMHC insured 5+ unit residential property? They're way attractive, with 5-year fixed rate mortgage rate rates as low as 3.25%! That's better than the best available rates on a single family owner-occupied property!

Construction Mortgage @ 3%
Ready to build your dream home? I recently arranged financing for a couple who were building their own home at Prime (currently 3%). Forget about exorbitant rates and fees typical with construction mortgages, this was a sweetheart deal!

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